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optimize your website for voice search

Think Voice Search! This is How You Optimize It.

We are in an era of gadget proliferation, where mobile devices are on the lead. The pattern and method in which people are using voice search on their mobile devices is changing. People are also being inclined towards making use of voice assistants like, Amazon Echo & Google Home devices. Siri is our best buddy, if you are a proud iPhone user. Google once again is a popular choice for voice search on Android devices, whereas Microsoft’s Cortana is an excellent & useful choice for voice searches on the PC & smartphone. Read Full Blog

digital marketing solutions from Vidushi Infotech a WSI certified company

WSI Sets Another Amazing Example with its Digital Marketing Solution

No matter what, online or digital presence of any business matters a lot. If business can’t easily be found using a mobile or desktop search, customers will go elsewhere.  Therefore “In and Out” (Car Servicing Company) approached WSI to review their digital marketing strategy to reconfigure their websites and improve online booking of car service and MOT. They believed that their online presence was not good enough to attract consumers and thus, they reached WSI to make their websites reach online audience. Read Full Blog

importance of video ads

Impact of Videos on Digital Marketing in 2017

Digital marketing absolutely has gained immense popularity in last few years. Both large & medium – sized enterprises have tried making the most out of it. Creating online presence and promoting products and services using the power of internet has paid off for majority of them.

Well! Now the question arises that what we expect in 2017? How is 2017 going to be for digital marketing. What is going to shine and what is about to fade? Read Full Blog

how to inform search engine about site address change

Know Why is it Important for Search Engines to Know About Site Address Change?

Online marketing is not an easy game. There is a subtle difference between competitors. When it comes to online marketing, the very important asset that helps you lead and stay ahead of competition is your WEBSITE. It undoubtedly is a huge part of your name & also works as a magnetic to attract clients.
There are many reasons why businesses decide to change the domain name like –

  • 1. Availability
  • 2. Branding
  • 3. Re-Branding
  • 4. Promotional Value and so on

Read Full Blog