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Top 5 Advertising Strategies to Defeat Your Competitors

It is always said that competition is good for business as it pushes you to be your best. Big brands and organizations compete against each other so that they can acquire the best position. The most interesting part of rivalry is stealing customers from your rivals. The best way to do so is, through advertising.

Today we are here to discuss about the top 5 advertising strategies that will help you stand out from your competitors. So, let’s take a look at the following strategies:

Target Facebook users who are fond of your competitors

Facebook ads don’t offer any type of keyword targeting for the ads and you can’t particularly target people who have already liked your competitor’s pages. Facebook offers interest based targeting. Interest range on Facebook is from extremely broad to something really specific. In such a situation, your competitor’s name should be your specific interest that you want to target. This is because Facebook allows you to select people based on brands and products they like or prefer.

Type in your competitor’s URL or you can also type your competitor’s brand name to find out the best option for reaching their target audience – which is now your target audience.

Ruin your competitors’ videos with YouTube Ads

Suppose you are in search for AT & T Ad on YouTube. But before you could watch the ad, there appears another ad. The interesting part is that this ad was not for AT & T, but was for its competitor, Sprint.

In that particular ad, Sprint explained why it is better than AT & T and also highlighted an offer to switch carriers. To implement this smart advertising strategy for your campaign, you need to create the most watchable TrueView ad you can, adding in how much you want to spend.

Basically, there are many targeted options to choose from like demographics, interests, keywords, remarketing and so on. You need to target your video ads so that when someone searches for videos of your competitors, your YouTube video should appear first. If you can execute it properly, it may happen that they might not watch your competitor’s video.

Use your competitor’s emails

Another powerful advertising tactic to follow is targeting users who have already shown interest in the things your competitors’ sells. By using Gmail ads, you can simply do keyword targeting and that also on your competitors brand terms. If you are planning to steal some sales, you need to target the trademarks of your competitors. Ensure you use email subject line that has users clicking your Gmail ads in groups.

Ensure to use the best subject lines-the ones with the highest open rates. As an extra bonus, it can be expected that more people will click on your ads, which will reduce the costing.

Utilize Google Display Network

Google has some brilliant display ad technology. But if you want to beat up your competitors, you need to use Google’s custom affinity audience feature. Affinity audiences will let you target a predefined audience, one that should be more receptive to seeing your ads.

To make this work perfectly, you will definitely want to target the home page of your competitor. This is when Adwords will help you know about brand trademarks and behavior of people who are interested in that domain name.

This will help in getting the right people familiar with your brand and the services you provide. Expectedly, with the right message, you will be capable of stealing business stand out from your competitors.

Download your competitor’s Twitter Followers

There are tools that let you download a list of proper Twitter followers for any account like Bird Song Analytics. You can use such detail to download a list of your competitor’s Twitter followers.

Once you are done with collecting all the detail, you can simply use those Twitter handles to prepare a list that you can upload to Twitter Ads afterwards. Uploading the list may take 3 hours to process.

You can then create ads to get your business appear in the front of Twitter users, who are already following your competitors and are in the market to purchase and sell products.

After you are done with budget, you should start with composing tweet copy.

Make your competitor’s feel your importance

If you can follow the competitive ad strategies, it is for sure that you are putting your business in front of users who are desperately interested in your competitors. This will help them reach you and know about you, the better way. You just need to show them that what you offer is much better than what your competitors do.

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