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I have been working with VIDUSHI since 2014 when I started my WSI Franchise business in Greece.

Although Vidushi is a well established and certified provider of internet marketing solutions for members of the WSI community, the key differentiator to us in Greece is the ability to adapt for the needs of the local language by working closely with our needs, as well as the level of reactivity exemplified during various crisis situations (website malware, down time etc.).

With this in mind I am very happy to collaborate with the team at Vidushi and would not hesitate to recommend their services to any one interested.
-  Spiros 
Dear Ajit and team: On behalf of MD Group, I want to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for your efforts over the last year. Thanks to you and the team, we have numerous new capabilities at MD Group that are helping us to collect data more cost-effectively and do a better job of displaying our data to our clients.

You and your team developed and deployed our new version 3.0 website, which made a huge improvement in the user experience. This included rolling out new tools, such as our TSR, equity dilution, burn rate, and Black-Scholes interactive calculators. You implemented a more user-friendly toolbar functionality on the website, which helps our users every day.

In addition to the new version of the website, you have continued CLIC development, with a major development effort into improving our Board Pay capabilities. This has involved a complete rewrite of the entire Board Pay module to enable us to input much more data and track the compensation and awards for individual directors at each company where they serve as board members. In addition to the new Board Pay module, you expanded and improved the input mechanism for plan-based awards metrics and have made numerous improvements for efficiency and speed. You and your team have worked well with the data entry team in New Delhi, which has improved our data-entry turnaround.

Finally, you and your team have shown successful proof of concept for retrieving proxy filings and financial filings directly from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) feeds. We had previously used third-party providers for that data, even though it is available at no charge from the SEC. You are currently finishing the implementation of mechanisms to pull that data into our database. The result is that MD Group will save a substantial amount of money by being free from the cost of these third-party data feeds.

On top of all this, you have personally been available at odd hours and on weekends to talk with us and to perform tasks that cannot be done during the week. You and your team have been very responsive to bugs and issues raised on both the public-facing website and CLIC, our internal data-entry tool.

Thank you again for all of your hard work. You have been a great team player, and you and your team have consistently given us your very best efforts.
-  Ed - MD Group
When working together in a long distance between two persons normally does not work out too well, however, it was not the case since I start working with Rahul. I say he is exceptional because he is not only knowledgeable from technical point of view; he is exceptionally efficient & very considerate for his client - me.

I'm not sure how many projects I have worked with Vidushi since 2008 and I don't know how many PM I have had worked together. Needless to say, they were all wonderful but Rahul is definitely special!

Without a doubt I can ask Rahul technical questions and he would answer them in timely manner. He makes me look good in my clients' eyes. What makes him stands out in my eyes and treasure our working relation more than ever is what he practices with my projects, regardless the size of them.

Efficient, consideration & good communicator is my experience working with Rahul.

My experience of countless nights staying up until three, four o'clock in the morning waiting to talk to my PM because I have important questions or issues to discuss during project phases. Working with Rahul is a total different experience. We talked at the beginning of his working days to review what needs to be done, about the concerns and expectation of the projects. Because he practices good communication by meeting me online to review the project needs at the beginning of his days, he is able to determine his priorities, produce accurate outcomes & cut down unnecessary waste of time & frustration. Furthermore, he would let me know whom I can contact when he is away during project developing phases.

Because of his consideration of our time difference & able to produce results efficiently, it is the first time I can truly to tell you that his way of managing projects is outstanding. The way he manages work in long distance & time difference feel like a fresh breeze. Simply put, it is such a pleasure working with Rahul because I feel less pressure & I know what I can expect the next day.

Thank you for assigning Rahul as my PM.
-  Linghui Ruo
By way of this note I want to relay our congratulations both from a client side and myself for an excellent and highly professional execution of the new website development for Funeral Services (

The client is very happy with the result and I receive positive reviews from the market as well.

At this point, it is also of extreme importance to recognize the high quality organization, development and management skills exemplified by Ms. PREETI ARORA who was instrumental in achieving this result. I look forward to continue working with Preeti on the 2 ongoing projects (Medical Air & Financial Services) with the same great success!
-  Spiros G. Koutsoulianos
Please note particular thanks for very successful integration of third party software into the site. First time I've requested something like this and very impressed and grateful how easy you made it for me/the client.
-  Jon  Barrett
Sunil [Project Mnager of Business edge team ] is a very accessible and attentive to the client's needs. He is patient and takes the time to explain things. He has done everything and more with this project. I appreciate his attention to customer service.
-  Chris  Applelton
From the very beginning I started to develop my projects with Vidushi. My experience with them has been great. Not only for their great knowledge about developing and implementation process, but becasue pricing and support. Definately I recomend this team of professionals.
-  Carlos del  Peón Schleske
Excellent service and always willing to help
-  Hernan 

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