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VidushiTM - Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Division


Are you looking out for optimizing your existing resources? Do you want to cut down your production cost? Want to know how can you do this at lowest possible price?

Here comes Vidushi with 9+ years of experience which will help you to grow.

Have you ever thought of what top 100 companies in your local market have in common? They don't do everything themselves, its obvious that a major supermarket chain could grow all their own vegetables? However they don't, they outsource and concentrate on their main areas of expertise. Do you? Or do you attempt to D-I-Y?

Time to reconsider? Time to maximize profit? Time to focus staff on core issues?

  • Here we are with 150+ staff, all fully trained and just waiting to assist you at great hourly rates, or supply semi bespoke vertical and horizontal market packages for a fixed price, all in US$.

You need more than that? Of course you do:

  • You need a supplier who is robust? Can maintain standards in the hard times? Grow service levels in the good times?

Well that's Vidushi...........

  • In the last few years we have received many top level plaudits from WSI; "Excellence in service" "Creative Excellence" "Distinguished Supplier" to name but a few.

So Vidushi supplies you with result orientated solutions and 'Top of Class' service. Both Proven! And Awarded!

Naturally to serve you even better we have had to become scalable as we respond to the various international markets we are active in. Vidushi is here to stay!

Vidushi Infotech Software Solutions Provider Pvt. Ltd. (Member of NASSCOM and The Software Technology Park, India.) is based in Pune, India, one of the fastest growing economies in the world. English is widely spoken and education levels in India are very high.

  • This means the staff you deal with are smart, know what you want, understand today's business markets and speak English.

Vidushi is widely experienced in many vertical markets; Real Estate, Hospitality, Travel & Tourism, Legal, Auction, Logistics, Banking/Insurance/finance, Healthcare, Educational, Automobile, Entertainment, Aviation, and many more... so your solution can be put together fast!

  • We value creativity and collaboration; ideas are shared and everybody contributes on an individual basis towards the common goal.....your total satisfaction.

The company operates and provides acclaimed IT solutions; both, in the International and domestic market offering services ranging from Quadrant 1 to Quadrant 4 which is customized solution based on customers requirement, BE/eFusion/ V---System/WordPress product based services, Digital marketing, Mobile apps, in house Hosting and AMC services along with the resource based services.

So, we welcome you to be a part of our journey towards growth and success; make the most of this opportunity and join us in our new venture of BPO!

For further details and enquiry you can contact on:

Contact Person: Krishna Mishra

Email ID:

Skype: Vidushibpo

Call: 020 41315176

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