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Creative Web Solution

  • Custom Design
  • CMS Product


  • Dynamic Pages
  • Default modules setup
  • 10 Pages

Free - 3 Months Support

Select/Tick mark the product of your Choice and also the No. of products you want.

Tick your Choice No.

Value Added Mobile Solution
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Features Advanced
  • *Standard Template ( 5 Page)
  • Google Mobile Site
  • Content Area Gadgets
  • Easy and Multi Gadget CMS
  • Multi Level Access
  • Page Template
  • Adsense
  • Sidebar Gadgets

  • *Custom Template (5- 10 Pages)
  • Advanced – Expandable Site links
  • Quick View Badge
  • Google Analytics
  • Click to Call
  • Social Buttons
  • Google Maps Gadget
  • Support on Mapping the URL


>> E & I Special Promotion for the Attendees:

Step One -
Provide us the Design Requirement (with Logo) for a new Custom Design or a PSD of your choice.

Step Two -
Select (Tick Mark) the Products and the Numbers as per your requirement and the FREE Mobile option too.

Step Three -
A Siteplan and functional details if any and the rest will be taken care by our team.
Page Contents (For both web + mobile)

Step Four – ADD ONS (Optional)
Select the SEO Plan you need and our SEO expertise will do the rest.
Targetted Traffic Generated SEO Plans -

   Content Marketing Plan    Press Release Writing/Submission    Article Release Writing/Submission
   Blog Writing    Google Adwords Plan    SEO Booster Plans

Step five-
Forward us the FTP/Hosting Details/Database details/Control Panel so we can support to host the site. That’s it – Free Support for 3 months after launch

Get a HASSLE FREE experience at E & I with the Vidushi Promotion.

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E & I Toronto – Vidushi steps in with a BIG TEAM. Be a part of us at E & I Canada Convention.
By stepping at our spot you will know the 2013 TRENDING SERVICES offered by us..

Book Your Resource for Trial Period of 15 days now. Limited seats first come first serve basis.

- Resource on your terms.

- Resource as per your time zone

- Resource as per your skillset requirement

>> Additional Benefits

- Monthly payment facility

- Resource will work on your terms/policies to ensure best results in the required time.

- You can book a resource for either full time or half time. You can swap and switch with the resource time bond (full or half time) as per your need. (Based on the Flow of projects)

- This will ensure your monthly money planning as per your need. (Your budget can be planned as per the need)

- Interview & handpick YOUR resources, having full access to their experience and skill levels at hand. YOU have the liberty to pick resources from the talent pool individually. YOU will have equal say in the hiring process, whether it is to hire a Dedicated Resource or in retaining or replacing one.

Get an EXCLUSIVE RESOURCE comprising of:

A Project Manager
An Account Manager
A Dedicated Developer
A SEO expertise
A Designer

Benefits-By Overall Pricing

- Save > 70% on Your Budget

- Pay $1,700 for a Dedicated Developer instead of $/£7,000 for an In-house experienced Programmer/Developer

Benefits-By Overhead Costs

- SAVE on EVERY overhead cost. Yes, EVERY ONE OF THEM!

- NO infrastructure costs.

- NO annual bonuses/perks/travel reimbursements/insurance/medical allowances.

- SAVE > 70% on YOUR budget = More Exclusive Profits JUST for YOU!

Benefits-By Manpower

- SAVE on EVERY overhead cost. Yes, EVERY ONE OF THEM!

- NO infrastructure costs.

- NO annual bonuses/perks/travel reimbursements/insurance/medical allowances.

- SAVE > 70% on YOUR budget = More Exclusive Profits JUST for YOU!

Get an inclusive TEAM comprising of
A Project Manager + An Account Manager +
A Dedicated Developer + A SEO expertise + A Designer
– All by HIRING JUST 1 Dedicated
Developer Resource!!

Benefits-By Flexibility

- Find the Best Resume from a host of Developer Profiles – based on Skill-Sets/Experience/Remuneration

- Get 160 Hours of Guaranteed work (8 Hours X 20 Week-days) from YOUR Dedicated Developer/Programmer.

- Talk Directly to the Dedicated Developer/Programmer

- To summarize, He/She becomes YOUR virtual employee for the month!

Benefits-By Result

- Get 100% Bespoke Results from the VIDUSHI KPO Model!

- Ask for Changes + Updates + Tweaks as many times you wish for, when within the Hired Work Hours of the Dedicated Developer.

- Get superior project management + feedback with the help of your administrative team of the Technical Project Manager & the Account Manager.

*  Skill Set:

Experince Level:


How Soon You Want to Start:

*  Email ID:

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Vidushi stays GENUINE and RELIABLE in the eyes of every Internet Consultant as a Digital Marketing Production Center and a Core Custom Solution Provider.

Why Vidushi for Content?

By hiring a dedicated content writer at Vidushi, you will get a number of different content writing services at cost-effective pricing and as per your convenience. Here is a list of all the benefits of this program: While quality is of utmost importance in website content, we also have to ensure that it is optimized in order to rank well on search engine results. Our dedicated resources for content writing at Vidushi have several years of experience in this field and have excelled in writing rich & professional content for website & SEO purposes.

- Cost-effective as we provide resources for content writing at best prices

- Unique, great quality and and professional content

- Deadlines are always met

- Resource works as per your requirements and time zone

- Daily & Weekly Project updates and reports

- Various means of communication with resource – Phone, Online Chat & Email

Read More…

Web directories are directories that list websites by categories and subcategories. Listing one's website on such directories helps search engine bots & crawlers in finding your website, thus improving its ranking on search results. It is one of the proven methods for ensuring high visibility and improved rankings for your website. Vidushi Infotech offers our directory submission service that helps in listing your websites to the best directories in accordance with the policies of major search engines like Google.

Article submission is a tool used in search engine optimization (SEO) in which articles related to a business and containing links to its website are submitted to various article directories for increased exposure.
As search engines rate links obtained from content-rich pages highly, a well conducted article submission campaign can do wonders to your search engine ranking. Another benefit of these articles are that we can inform the end users about the benefits and features of a business, thus educating them about the product through this medium.
After the advent of Google's Panda and Penguin algorithm updates, Article Submission is well into the spotlight as poorly written or spam-filled articles submitted on directories that have a low page rank can adversely affect your website's search result ranking.

Press releases are a great platform to promote your business and subsequently gain higher rankings on search engine result pages. While press releases are not an SEO exclusive service, they act as an invaluable source of high quality backlinks and help in creating a brand awareness and credibility amongst actual readers.
Besides this, it also helps in generating a considerable amount of buzz which can result in your press releases getting featured on Google news or Bing news.
Owing to Google's Panda & Penguin updates to its search algorithms, there has been a renewed focus on producing quality content rather than mass optimization on search engines. Thus a badly run press release campaign can affect your website negatively instead of optimizing it.

E-commerce websites have to contend with several others in order to survive the cut-throat competition that is prevalent in this field. Merely setting up a website with products, offers, discounts and deals will not help you in getting recognition online.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an invaluable tool that can help your E-commerce business in gaining new customers with the help of higher visibility on search engine result pages.
There are numerous SEO techniques that are used primarily for E-commerce websites. However, there is a specific method of implementing these techniques and methods for effective optimization which need to be followed in order to achieve high ranking on search engines.
Vidushi's E-commerce SEO package comes with a two stage solution to help you in achieving your target:
Read More…

Infographics stand out in a sea of text. Infographics condense information into a friendly visual format to make it easier to consume, understand and remember. As a result, infographics are visual shorthand marketing stunt that is a magnet for social media shares and related content.

Why infographics are important elements of your content:

- Infographics are eye candy for readers

- Infographics convey complex ideas

- Infographics attract social media shares

- Infographics build inbound links to support search optimization.

- Infographics incorporate your 360° brand.

>> Shape your needs with the competitive edge of Open Source CMS/Ecommerce

Your clients are becoming aware of the need to manage their content on their web site. So let them go and do that with a Content Management System (CMS) which easily manages any page. Seriously your clients need the best return on investment (ROI) that they can get and we will that for you.

In summary, you save money, have additional costing options, save time, get a mentor, save internal costs, get high class OS solutions, project development simplicity and of course win quicker.

When it comes to OS, we have done it, seen it and can do it for you again and again. Your clients thinking Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal or any Open Source, you need to think Vidushi!

The core benefits of CMS:

- Keep your website content up-to-date, Google likes that.

- Words, Images, Video whatever you need to make your site work, visitors like that.

- Well organized and comprehensive, the robots like that.

- Minimize maintenance costs, clients like that.

- Maximize data security, we all like that.

- Robust CMS Solutions (OS) that are both friendly and secure.

- Perfect first time execution of the most advanced OS solutions for you nd your client.

- Minimum development time – we all like that.

- All the latest features included every time – win win!

- Streamlined web publishing process – safer, faster.

- SEO friendly and comes with ‘Mobile’ presence – what the market wants.

>> Wordpress Solutions:

Wordpress is a blog publishing system, which allows concurrent blogs to exist with in one installation. With the advent of time, blogging has becoming more and more popular. Wordpress makes it easy and possible for all blogging lovers to host their own blogging communities, control and moderate them from a single control panel. We can play, develop, customize all kind of plugins at ease to meet any requirement and hence we remain determined to deliver the best.

Our Wordpress Services:

- Wordpress Blog design integration.

- Wordpress customization.

- Wordpress theme development and custom template.

- Wordpress custom module development.

- Wordpress Plugin development.

- Wordpress Plugin customization.

>> Joomla Content Management System (CMS):

Joomla is a full-featured content management system that can be used for everything from simple websites to complex corporate applications. We create wonderful web solutions for news portals, events, real estate, organizing, blogging, and podcasting using Joomla.

Joomla services include:

- Joomla Design Templates and Themes

- Joomla Design Integration and

- Customization

- Joomla Installation and Configuration

- Joomla Customization

- Joomla modules and components development

>> Drupal Solutions:

Drupal is an extremely flexible open source CMS that enables users to build fully scalable solutions for far less than it would take to create similar functionality from scratch. The beauty of Drupal is that there are literally hundreds of off the shelf modules available for almost anything you'll need.

Custom interactive web applications:

Blogs – Express personal or corporate news or opinions and allow users to comment

Forums – Create a message board and invite user participation

User profiles – Build an online community and allow private messaging

Forms – Make it easy for visitors to contact you, and for you to collect valuable customer information

Newsletter applications – Keep in front of your site visitors on a regular basis Mailing list management – Easily keep track of your customers

Site search – Help visitors find what they want faster Audio/video multimedia – Use media to convey your message.

>> Magento Solutions:

Magento is a feature-rich eCommerce platform offering complete flexibility and control over the look, content and functionality of an online store. When it comes to flexibility, functionality and design, no other open source solution in the market is comparable to Magento. It is developed using Framework that results in a robust, fast and feature rich ecommerce application.

Our Magento Solutions include:

-Magento Theme design

-Magento development

-Magento customization

-Custom module development

-Setup, Installation and Configuration

>> Prestashop Solutions:

Prestashop is an open source ecommerce web application with multilingual support. It is a PHP and My SQL based and using WUSIWYG rich editor. With unlimited flexible features, and multilingual support, it provides you user friendly and magnificent themes/ templates to run your business. We can also modify Prestashop themes/ templates for developing personalized online shopping stores.

Our Prestashop Solutions include:

-A world class multi featured Catalog.

-Customers groups, customer follow ups and loyalty system.

-Flexible orders placement with one page check.

-Out and return management.

-Multiple Payment Methods.

-Multi lingual support and also supports online translating tools to convert the content of the website into desirable language.

-Prestashop avails you websites with high search engine optimization.

-Customized back- office, maintenance mode, WYSIWYG text editor and ability to add modules etc. It provides you a great control on the web pages.

- Modular Front- Office: With Prestashop you get the freedom to customize the templates.

username: demo@vidushiinfotech.com
Password: p@ssword

>> Portfolio:

Woo Commerce (http://www.autogestoria.es)
Built in an Open Source Framework for eCommerce this performs one of the best eCommerce product. For autogestoria depending on the nature of management to perform, you can buy your paperwork on line through the main tab SERVICES. Some products offer a choice of 3 levels of service depending on their urgency.
The purchase is done in 3 easy steps. The account activity reflect the services purchased, payments made, dates of their comrpas, etc.. You can also download invoices for purchases. Payment systems offered are: online payment through Pay Pal, payment from your account open purse in Autogestoria, payment by bank transfer or deposit in bank account Autogestoría. Note that the start of the process takes place after the confirmation of your payment.

Open Cart Solution (http://itwarehousebarbados.com)
The I. T. Warehouse offers a wide variety of Products and Accessories in Cellular, Computers, Tablets, Gaming Consoles, Digital & Security Cameras and Printers.
The I. T. Warehouse also provides extensive Repair Services of Cell Phones All Brands, Laptop & Desktop Computers, Tablets including IPads, and Gaming Consoles (XBox, PSP, Playstation, Wii etc) and have trained inhouse technicians working daily at all five stores.

Magento eCommerce ( http://www.displaysigns.net ) This eCommerce site is maintained by Vidushi since a years time.
This project involves mostly for Free and Impartial Advice on Custom Signs.
Information About Display Signs. Buy Standard Signs Online.
You can find out how to buy standard safety signs from our online shop at Online Shopping with Display Signs.

Helens Heart – Case Study (Revolution in the eCommerce industry with QuickBooks insynch)
A new revolution in B2B business.
Now no need to have a separate data entry operator or a separate tool to migrate your full ecommerce, inventory, orders and customers data with QuickBooks.
Carry your iPads and Laptops to the Tradeshows to get your orders and we will synchronize for you.
There are many eCommerce sites in today’s date, with various features, inventory system, stock management, Coupons and Discount features but there are hardly or rather none of the eCommerce Systems connected to their local Accounts System or which work remotely with a data insynch.
Distributors and Wholesale dealers order their products and check their orders and track them.

Solution for Tradeshows
This solution/app will be compatible only on Windows Based O/S and can be used only for Laptops Devices or personal PCs.
User Level - 1 Nos (Tradeshow Operator)
Tradeshow attenders – Customers who will place an order via this tool via the Tradeshow operator who is using this tool. The customer will intimate the operator to enter the quantities for every product as per his requisites.
This lets the operator go back to the initial search page. The system will store the details in a temporary catalogue until the customer confirms the whole order.

>> Vidushi Mobile App

Here the customer will be confirming the order by manipulating the Quantity. Here you will get the final price.

Vidushi mobile apps development team uses the latest operating systems to develop highly interactive applications that are extremely user friendly and offer functional excellence. Our mobile app developers focus on enhancing the 'ROI value' of these applications. With skilled and talented creative mobile app programmers we assure the real time value for every app. If there is a demand for business growth, mobile application development is your answer. Contact Us now to discuss your mobile application requirements with us. We develop Apps for smartphones like iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Symbian and Windows mobiles.

QR code creator

URL: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vidushi.qrcode&hl=en


- scan qr codes and barcodes from camera

- create your own qr codes encoding:
   Email addresses
   Phone numbers
   Contacts information
   Simple text

-share your qr codes

-save history

-QR in different size.

Sports Club

URL: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/grangemockler-gaa-club/id580782162?ls=1&mt=8


Help diehard fans stay connected 24/7 with a rich-featured app! Fans will be the first with the latest highlights, as well as: events/game schedules, news/scores, photos, and more. Most important Fans have the power to promote their club with social media share.


URL: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/solenoid-valves/id563189875?mt=8


This Mobile app fetches the data from the client current website developed in .Net http://www.suk.com/ . This app search the data based on criteria which can be changed dynamically from backend and by part number.

Based on user interest user can download the PDF file with respect to result

Just maths

URL: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.just.maths


When a student opens the app, a screen opens up, where he can write/scribble or take the image of the problem statement for which he expects the solution, with a stylus or by hand. User query will be send the respective persons for the solution.
This app is developed to help the student in last time preparation for exam. This will help the student to save their valuable time.

SLII® Diagnosis

URL: https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/slii-diagnosis/id536473591?mt=8


- This app is a quick reference tool for managers. It helps managers by focusing on a critical leadership moment—when the leader is preparing for a conversation with their team members.

- This app will reinforce your SLII training while it helps you improve your team’s relationships and performance.

SPNR Inquiry

URL: https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/railwaypnrstatus/id484542799?mt=8


Using this App you can check your Indian Railways Train ticket booking status. You can find your current Reservation status by entering your 10 digits unique PNR number printed on your Train ticket. Through this app you can check the PNR number for any Train in India to confirm your waitlisted / RAC seat / berth status . After pressing "Check Status" button you will get current booking status with other details like Seat No, Coach Number, Journey date, Boarding and Destination Station Name etc.

Expense manager

URL: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vidushi.expense1


Expense Manager is a simple way to manage your personal finances. This application helps you budget and track your spending.
The application has following features:
  -Expenses can be viewed by month, category and date wise.
  -You can add and delete different transactions from database.
  -Can clear database.
  -Can select currency.


URL: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vidushi.


Vidushi App is a new invention in the App industry. This App can be a milestone for any type of industry via which it can broadcast and advertise the latest upcoming updates. Today in the market we use Newspaper, Media, Social Net working sites, newsletter or websites to publish your company info or product / service updates. With this App you are enabled with a total back end access via which you can make any updates to the App. The biggest advantage is due to a web interface whenever you open the App you are notified with the new updates, so there is no need to visit a Social net site or web or any type of Publication that you need to refer to. Just open the App and get all the updates under one umbrella.

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