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Q : Do we need to select the designs from a pre-set fasttrack templates or can you develop customized designs or skins me?
A : No. Choice is upto you. If you like the fasttrack templates you can select any one for your sites. Our professional and creative design team will create any type of customized skin/design for your web project as per your specifications.
Q : I’m a marketing person with a very basic knowledge and not very technical. How can I cope up with the difficulties in working on my website?
A : Well you won’t face any problem while working with VIT! We won’t come to you making you understand the most difficult things and technical ethics. We make it very simple from the start itself. We take care of all of the problems faced by him initially at his business start till the launch of the website. We assist you on all your Internet needs and help you become more profitable from the Internet. You never have to see the back end of your website where pages and content are created. Just enjoy the finished product just like your customers do. We can do everything for you.
Q : Can you add content for me?
A : Yes. Why not. We can even migrate the content, add the content, export and import the content for you in the similar format OR what format you want in a very minimum charge. I have a content management team to handle this for you.
Q : Where do I host the site? Can you help me?
A : Well preferably I would like your sites to be hosted with WSI authorized hostings. They provide the best service and a compatible environment with a 24 hour support. For more details see all the info in GNS.
Q : My client wants to host it on a non authorized server/his own server?
A : Ensure that we will provide all our support here but there will be a minimum charge to do the needful. Also the 3rd party minimum hosting support is surely needed.
Q : May I get a dedicated team/developer with whom I worked for the last time as well as the same Project manager?
A : Surely. This request should be made at the intial level with our estimate person. Your request will be surely followed as we are at your service always. Estimation level - or or

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