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Process for infographics

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Why infographics ?

Infographics stand out in a sea of text. Infographics condense information into a friendly visual format to make it easier to consume, understand and remember. As a result, infographics are visual shorthand marketing stunt that is a magnet for social media shares and related content.


Why infographics are important elements of your content


Here are five reasons to include infographics in your content marketing mix.


Infographics are eye candy for readers

Here are five reasons to include infographics in your content marketing mix.


Infographics convey complex ideas

While infographics can be a composite of a variety of smaller data graphics, they simplify complicated information for consumption by a broader audience.


Infographics attract social media shares

As visually inviting content, infographics are highly shared and discussed on social media platforms.


Infographics build inbound links to support search optimization.

By allowing third party media and blogs to post your infographic, you attract high quality links. To rank in search, infographics need to offer value.


Infographics incorporate your 360° brand

Through the use of design elements including but not limited to color, typography and imagery, you can integrate your brand into the infographic.

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Design Process
Usage of customized design pattern InformationNoupto 30% 100%
Type of content Information1-2 Image Less Images More Images
Concept Options Information 1 1 2
Design Revisions Information 1 23
Industry research Information No NoYes
Topic research Information No NoYes
Data analysis Information No NoYes
Usage of stock images InformationYes Yes Yes
Branding InformationYes Yes Yes
100% Copyrights Information No YesYes
Turnaround Time
Concept & Content Information2 Working days 4 Working days 5 Working days
Design Information1 Working days 4 Working days 5 Working days
Syndication Information2 Working days 4 Working days 5 Working days
QR code Information No YesYes
PDF File for Document Sharing Information No NoYes
Final info graphic (with and without brand) No YesYes
Delivery of source files Information No YesYes
Total cost $59 $200 $300
Multiple Info graphics Order