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Hire Dedicated Resource or Virtual Assistants

Build your own virtual team of Dedicated Resource for Web Development & Digital Marketing.

If you are looking for professional assistance/help in administrative, marketing (Online promotions), project management, website Development, website maintenance, webmaster services, SEO services, technical, or creative support and want to assign your business tasks/duties to a dedicated resource who will manage your responsibilities and produce/deliver results, then your search ends here.

Lower Your Costs by Outsourcing Business Processes to Our Expertly Trained Dedicated resources.

Vidushi Infotech business process Services Company based in India offers dedicated resources services to clients in the UK, US and other countries (global). By choosing our "dedicated resources" from our offices in India, we are able to offer significant cost savings to our clients compared to USA based or any service providers globally. We provide you extremely talented and expertise level dedicated resource in India with experience and good educational background. As you may be aware that India’s maximum population is youth and Pune being the city of education hence we have a pool of talented professionals who are extremely computer savvy and have quality communication skills to cater all your needs and understand them at par.

Who are Dedicated Resources?

"Dedicated resources are entrepreneurs providing professional administrative, technical and creative (social) assistance to customers”.

"A Dedicated resource is an independent entrepreneur/contractor providing administrative, creative, and/or technical services in multiple categories like design, development, content, seo, smo, mobile web, mobile app, open source etc. Utilizing advanced technological modes of communication and data delivery, a professional dedicated resources assists clients in his/her area of expertise from his/her own office on a contractual basis." With lower wages rates in India (due to low living and operational cost) you can cut your recurring cost and improve your business.


Vidushi Infotech offers Dedicated Resources to:

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Small Business Owners

  • Startup Consulting Companies

  • Brokers

  • CEOs and other Executives

Services Offered Under Web Design & Development and Digital Marketing at Vidushi.

Web Design & Development:

  • Wordpress- Our Dedicated, Skilled & Proficient Resource will offer efficacious services to cater to the new and upcoming dynamic requirements of our client through Wordpress Design, Development, Theme, Custom Plugin Development, E-commerce Solutions.

  • Drupal- For Drupal Website Design, CMS Development, Component Development, Ecommerce Solutions, Module Development, Portal Development, and Custom Plugin Development, contact us today. Drupal's easy to use web interface and flexibility makes it different from other.

  • Joomla- Get the highly experienced Joomla Developer offering a complete blend of dedicated services including Design, Development, Theme, Custom Plugin Development, E-commerce Solution.

  • Magento- If you are looking for the advance technique that brings responsive design and scalability to your website, and then Magento Web Development is the answer to it. At Vidushi, you will find Hire Dedicated Resource for Magento Design, Development, Themes & Custom Plug-ins Development, Module Development, Maintenance, Upgrades and Support.

Digital Marketing:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Our Dedicated SEO Resource provide the best implementation of seo techniques, comprehensive website competition analysis, high conversion rate, better website visibility and effective content marketing plan.

  • AdWords- Vidushi is Google AdWords Certified Partner. Our AdWords Certified Professionals provide well-budgeted campaign over multiple search engines, Google Analytics Integration using Google Analytics APIs, conversion tracking & detailed analysis report. Consequently, it boosts sale and revenue; ultimately increase in ROI.

  • Social Media Optimization (SMO) – Our dedicated social media expert make your brand a dynamic and vivacious identity on social media channels, set up accounts with social media monitoring tools with unique theme, and improve business promotions through social media channels.

Our Dedicated resources are assigned to drive and save a lot of time that can be used by you for everything you want to do. Further, the dedicated resources are trained to do exact things for you, and they work with their own desk space without ever requiring meeting you in person. You can communicate with the assistants via phone, email, chat, and any other form of communication that suits you and your business best.

Since we are having our own infrastructure ready with us, we will assist you to narrow your search for a qualified dedicated resource.

Our other team members are ready help on any other issues so that there will be productive working environment. This gives us advantage of meeting the client’s expectations at greater level.

Vidushi Infotech can ensure you an extremely suitable service with our experience and team efforts. Hiring a dedicated resource in India will helps you in better business administration and save your much valuable time.


Some direct benefits of hiring Dedicated resources from Vidushi Infotech are:

  • You save time which equals money

  • You save resources

  • You save office space/infrastructure

  • Save travelling costs

  • You are not obliged to have full time employees who you have to pay, provide benefits, holidays, vacation/sick time.


1. Are the dedicated developers a part of your in-house team?

Yes, they are. The dedicated developers can work as a part of your team or as individuals.

You can monitor their activity regularly, as they share the reports on weekly basis. But if you have your own monitor/project management tool, you can definitely give its access to the resource.

2. What is the minimum time period to hire dedicated resource?

Normally, resources are available for immediate deployment in a week’s time. However, in some cases wherein a senior resource is involved (with 6+ years experience), we need sufficient time to migrate, which may take 30 to 45 calendars days.

3. What if the developer resigns?

We are running this service model the past six years and have learnt a lot by now. Sticking to policies, we ensure that the chances of such an action are least. If it happens in a very rare case, we deploy a new resource within 15 to 30 days.

4. Can I ask for the replacement of the developer that I have hired? Please explain if there is any extra cost involved.

Yes, you can replace the developer. To avail this service, you have to run the KPO process for minimum one month.

There is no additional cost involved if the new resource has the same skill set and experience. However, in case of a more skilled resource that has higher experience, the cost will be applicable as per the resource pricing.

For example,

A resource (3 yr exp) costs you $12/h.

If replaced by a new resource (3 yr exp), then cost will be the same - $12/h.

If replaced by a more experienced resource (5 yr exp), then cost will be around $15 per hour.

5. Do you sign NDA?

Yes, we do. We normally use our own format but if a client want to have it signed as per there terms, then it needs to be shared with us.

Contact us for a no obligation proposal and we will revert to you with more details in no time.
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