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Is there any way to gain more sales lead online? “Local Business SEO” has the answer to this question. It will make your business more visible to local specific search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing), increasing local customer base, and building customer's trust & credibility. This simply means optimization the website locally. Vidushi focuses on Local SEO Optimization to target local audience and gain brand awareness. With the recent Google updates and preference to local search result, targeting local customers and promoting your business online is vital to achieve

Vidushi, being one of the leading company in Digital Marketing, focuses on the local business SEO and offers a huge platform for delivering best services to their clients with a cost effective solutions locally. It covers all the major aspects of digital marketing such as local business listing, local SEO optimization, social media marketing, content marketing, and mobile marketing

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Increase Online Presence With Local Business SEO

Local Business Listing Services is an essential platform for business owners to target the right audience through Local business SEO, thereby increasing the volume of their trade. It significantly helps to promote your business in the local market. In today's scenario, almost every individuals access to internet facility at their home as well as office and prefer obtaining information through online mode which in turn saves a lot of time. Therefore, Vidushi provides a unique platform for individuals to obtain details about local product and services available in the market through local business listing. Also, it makes a lot easier for business owners to publicize their product and services online.

In addition to this, local business listing is more cost effective as compared to other promotional activities. Business listing contains details of the organization such as name of the product & services, contact information, and company's activities that helps the customer to know about the company. The best part of Vidushi while performing local business listing is creating an unique identity for the products and services in the local market, which in turns help the business owners to stay ahead of the crowd. So, why not to go with the best “Local Business SEO” package offered by Vidushi, that guarantees effective result.

How to Utilize Local Business Listing?

For your business to create an identity among prospective local customers, local business listing is required. The process of local business listing is easy and convenient, as it leads to retaining your existing as well as new customers. It also helps to increase the brand awareness for your products and services. By using local business listing, you can improve the revenue of the company. Use of attractive images, logos or tag-lines and product description in local business listing is also highly profitable.

Attributes of Local Business Listing

  • Business Title: Having an effective and eye-catching title is the demand for today and it is beneficial for getting good rank in the local search engine.
  • Categories: Categorization plays an important role in describing your business in the search engine. A wrongly categorized business increases the chances of losing potential customers searching in the specific category and gives a wrong signal to the search engines about your business category.
  • Links and Citation: How can any search engine get to know about your business? It’s via link and citation i.e. visiting the links on your website and tracking citation of your business.
  • Reviews and Ratings: Reviews and ratings are given by potential customers, as it is an important marketing strategy to uplift your business. It is important that customers leave a positive remark, which in turn encourages other customers to go for your products and services.

Why Vidushi for Local Business Listing?

Every individual requires the best package for their business, and this is what Vidushi is known for.

  • Effective and Cost Efficient SEO Packages.
  • Generate leads and convert into sales with Local Business SEO Services.
  • Target specific country or region and niche business listing sites .
  • Google, Yahoo, Bing Places account creation.
  • Site submission to local Search Engines .
  • Unlimited update on Google Maps & Google Places, Yahoo & Bing Places.
  • Improve SEO ranking and foot traffic of your business .
  • Submission to Directories trusted and indexed by Google.
  • Target highly searched local keywords.
  • Inner page/ Deep link promotion for Niche and Local Sites .
  • Effective use of location in your keyword and meta-tags .
  • Promotion on Niche Specific Directories .
  • Submission of Press Releases on Local Level .
  • Content Promotion and Inbound Marketing of products and services .
  • Not automated submissions.
  • Directories targeted to your Niche .
  • Excellent report generation with list of all promotional activities and manual submissions .

These above pointers will help you to understand the importance of local business SEO, which further help to promote your business in your area among the local customers, enabling them to find products and services as per their requirements. So, why to wait! Avail the benefits with the attractive and cost-effective package offered by Vidushi.

Cost-effective Local Business Listing package

Local SEO Plan Turbo Local Package Base Local SEO Package Advanced Local SEO Package
Key Phrases Optimized 5 keyword 10 keyword 15 keyword
Pages Optimized 5-10 Pages 10-15 Pages 10-15 Pages
Keyword Research & Recommendation YES YES YES
Keyword Mapping
Local Business Setup YES YES YES
Site Analysis (Conversion, Design, Content) YES YES YES
Internal Navigation YES YES YES
Google Ranking YES YES YES
Meta Tag Creation(Title Tag, Description Tag, Keyword Tag, H1 Tag, etc) YES YES YES
Search Engine Sitemap & Robot.txt updates YES YES YES
Geositemap Updates New Icon YES YES YES
Location KML file Updates New Icon YES YES YES
Schema code updates for Address and other business entities. (Business logo, business videos etc YES YES YES
Google Analytics Setup YES YES YES
Google Webmaster Setup YES YES YES
404 Redirect Optimization Setup YES YES YES
Canonical Optimization YES YES YES
Image Optimization YES YES YES
Local Promotion      
Local Listings 15 25 35
Google, Yahoo, Bing Map YES YES YES
Create and Manage a new Maps listing or Modify an existing Google Business Listing YES YES YES
Consolidate or Create any multiple Google Places listings into a single authoritative one New Icon 2 3 5
Geotagging Business Photoes on (Panoramio, Flickr, Mappr and Google Earth)
Local Classified Submission (Content from the Client) 10 15 20
Additional Business Sites & Yellow Pages 5 10 15
Dmoz Listing YES YES YES
Research and work to generate reviews for your products and services on Google Places from customers and business referals YES YES YES
Links from Local sites based on Competitive Analysis YES YES YES
Google (+) Places, Yahoo & Bing Portal Listing YES YES YES
Competitive Analysis Multiple Competitors + Other Activities      
Competitive analysis (# of competing sites) 2 3 5
Paid Local Directories (Cost Extra) Depending
on Budget
on Budget
on Budget
Performance Reporting      
Initial Site Assessment Report YES YES YES
Keyword Analysis Report YES YES YES
SEO Local Strategy & Consulting Reports 2 / Year Quarterly Quarterly
Local Submission Report New Icon Monthly Monthly Monthly
Cost $99.00 $159.00 $199.00
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