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Facebook Page:

A Facebook business page enables you to get the right traffic to a unique place separate from your profile page. It enables you to post all of the information about your business including updates, promotions and events, links to your website or blogand even content.

Recently rather most of the people are foregoing a website all together and using a Facebook business page as their primary business tool to represent them online. We have used a functional tool for Facebook fan page as an excellent way to build and grow your audience.
It allows you to customize it however you choose. You can add photos, discussion forums, micro-blogging, videos, events and a whole host of features and tools.
It provides you with the ability to quickly update your page.

You have access to the millions of Facebook members. The “Business” page allows you to get more fans and one can send messages to fans without updating personal profile. It enables you the unique ability to separate personal and professional on Facebook – a feature many business owners are finding is very necessary.

Its more like a business platform wherein this page helps you as a business owner to hold business discussions with interested, and qualified, professionals. It helps to build a client relation around your business, the most important criteria for growing your online business.

Facebook business pages also provide the professionals/business owners with analytics and data so one can test and track responses and take the right decisions about business, future plans and your social networking strategies.

And since Facebook has an API they’ve released to developers, there are a large number of people working on ways to expand the features, tools and usability of a business page.

Facebook business pages offer business owners a unique opportunity to create a web presence on a social networking website – a social networking website that’s presently the biggest in the world in terms of subscribers. It just makes good sense to tap into this market to build and grow your online business.

Youtube Channel Design

There are enormous benefits of videos and Youtube being the Father of Video platform; why not use it to the max.

Major business benefits of creating a branded YouTube channel is that YouTube can help generate traffic to a company's website, which can help increase sales. According to Alexa, a Web analysis company, YouTube is the third most popular website in the world (following only Google and Facebook), with about 490 million people globally visiting each month, watching about 2.9 billion hours of video monthly. Businesses that create creative, effective, compelling videos and upload them to their YouTube channel, including links to their business' website, can drive traffic from YouTube to their site.

Search Rankings - Via building an effective and planned YouTube channel Design, and frequently updating with new and seo friendly video content, can also help a business improve its search rankings. Specifically, video content that uses the right keywords and tags which are relevant to the company, its products, services etc can help a company's "organic" search rankings go on, which are the results that appear in a search engine because they are the most relevant to the terms a person is searching for, not because of paid advertising. In addition, YouTube is the Web's second largest search engine -- trailing only Google. Companies with YouTube channels can pay to have their videos ranked higher in the rankings when a person searches for videos using specific keywords.

Syndication - According to the Search Engine Journal article, businesses have greater success with YouTube channels when their videos are "syndicated" with other social media websites, including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Digg and others, in addition to posting videos on the corporate website, and company blog. Syndicating a video to other social media sites increases the number of people who will see the video and, ultimately, who will visit that company's website. Some companies have had success creating humorous and powerful videos that have "gone viral," meaning a video was posted to a company's YouTube channel and a large number of users liked and shared it with their friends through social media.

Google Plus

Google is not a website but a search portal. Using it on a regular basis one will like it even more as the search results are a lot more relevant. With Google+ you have distinctive features from others and what service it can provide. These are the relevant elements that Google+ is well-known of.

1. Media

Media files added on Google+ are distinctively interesting and cooling to the eyes. You are able to view photos either in large sizes or small ones with ease and convenience. The photos looks realistically attractive that many online users take it be really likeable. You can zoom in and zoom out easily without difficulty and the photo does not blur. It is even a lot better than when you integrate your photos on other sites. Besides, Google+ will also provide updates once you check on their visuals.

2. Privacy

Unlike other social networks that, from time to time, change their privacy settings without notifying their users, Google+ may share information all over the web but still your personal information is still kept in confidentiality. That is why a large percentage of Facebook users transfer to Google+.

3. Mobile

Without ample time to spare setting up your computer, the only convenient gadget you can use is your mobile phone. Through applying for the necessary applications on your phone, you can already view photos without setbacks, and have a greater and wider communication range on Huddles.

4. Huddles and Hangouts

If you are looking for a more convenient way to chat with your friends without using your phone’s SMS feature,Google+ Huddle and Handout applications are the ones for you. You can perform a live video chatting while at work to still keep on track of your life. And if you are the family oriented type, you can use these applications to monitor your children even if you are working.

5. Gmail Updates

Among other social networking sites, Google+ and Gmail are the only ones providing notifications and updates that are well-organized. Unlike others, their distribution of updates is annoying and truly irritating. It is like a pale overflowing with water. With Google+ and Gmail, you’d feel you are managing your inbox.

6. Integration

One of the best things that Google+ can do is incorporating lots of things in a page but still pleasing to the eyes. They usually enhance their page designs to create a more chic look once it already contains the classified information.

7. Mute

This may also be one of the best features that Google+ can provide the users. This allows them to mute conversations whenever they are not interested at all, yet Google+ can still send status updates.

Twitter Channel Design
Its so important these days. In order to sustain, people must remember you and must be able to associate you with something. Once your followers have checked your profile at least once, you give them a good first impression? If Yes your brand they will remember you by being on top of your list? When it comes to internet marketing, people associate companies by logos and its creativity and design.

1. A Twitter custom background is a way to express your profile:

A well designed Twitter background is the best way to express your profile or a business Twitter page. Leaving the right and perfect impression in the minds of visitors is one of the benefits of a Twitter custom background designed exclusively for your company.

2. It provides you and your company free advertising space:

The pre-made Twitter backgrounds are used by almost everyone using Twitter and it becomes very monotonous for visitors to view the same backgrounds repeatedly. Having a beautifully designed custom made background for you and your company makes visitors stop at your profile page. This pause time acts as free advertising space.

Automate your Twitter Account & Increase Followers Everyday

3. Increases the number of your followers:

One of the benefits of a Twitter custom background is that an appealing and informational profile background allows you to attract more visitors, increase your network and add more followers to your twitter profile.

4. Adds weight to your tweets:

Tweets are useful for developing new relationships, announcing offers and promotions etc. Your business is bound to miss out on more than half of the benefits of advertising on Twitter, if your profile does not have an attractive background along with valuable messages. With a personalized, custom background that is appropriate for your company, you can gain instant value and create an impact on the users.

5. It allows you to add more information and photos:

You can store limited information on the basic, pre-made Twitter profile backgrounds. Having a custom background will allow you to add photos, contact information, information about your company etc.

6. Allows you to send direct marketing messages:

Sending direct marketing messages in your tweets is a very risky task as there is always a risk of losing your following. Having a customized background image allows you to send direct marketing messages freely. Choose the most important messages that you want your visitors to know and communicate them through your profile.

A custom twitter background allows you to present anything you like to your visitors. It not only helps you to establish your company’s brand or your brand, make your profile legitimate and publish contact as well as other important information but also helps you to differentiate you Twitter account from the remaining accounts.


For many business professionals,
LinkedIn is a major tool for professional networking. It’s the most convenient way to stay connected to people who you’ve worked with in the past, and peers who work in similar jobs or with the same technologies that you do. This effectively creates an inventory that can be used across various jobs, personal interests, and affiliations. LinkedIn isn’t only a tool for individuals, however; organizations have also found ways to use the popular connections site. Here are five ways organizations can benefit from LinkedIn:

1. Groups. No one can get a better way to keep professional members of the online community informed about products and company information than a group? LinkedIn groups function works as a media like a forum for members to have real-world conversations about products, issues, opportunities, events, and referrals of information. For almost every segment of business, there is a corresponding group available. Here the best information to members is provided on topics ranging from problem-solving to company news and job opportunities.

2. Events. LinkedIn event creation is a latest offering that allows one to create events. LinkedIn Events correspond to real events, such as tradeshows, conferences, and training events. This emerging segment will become a mechanism for events to be accessible to networks of members where professional interests align.

3. Company profiles. LinkedIn offers company profiles that can be modified by members. Companies are making it a priority to see that these descriptions, information, and company logos are used correctly on LinkedIn. Social media and marketing groups try to ensure not only that the information is accurate but also that it is the kind of information that best promotes the company. While LinkedIn requires a company e-mail address for contributors to be able to edit a company profile, that doesn’t necessarily ensure that it is a company-authorized individual making them.

4. Jobs. LinkedIn has job information through partnerships with Dice and Simply Hired. Ensuring that your advertised positions go beyond and into LinkedIn is an extra step that can use the leverage of the LinkedIn network. The beauty is that if one person is not interested in the position, the position can be referred to someone who might be a good fit for the role. This extra link can assist in finding the right candidates in a tough hiring market.

5. The price is right. Most of LinkedIn services are free, so why not take advantage of the extra placement? While the risk of not embracing social media for organizations is not quantified, the cost of embracing it is low.

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