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Research. Topics in which you have interest will likely be shared by others. By clicking on relevant tags or stacks you can see what others have bookmarked and follow those links.

Collaboration. Project teams or workgroups may find the site useful in storing and sharing links collectively. This might prove helpful when designing a new website or choosing an ecommerce platform, for example.

Filter content. With the avalanche of information that we are exposed to, it is important to have a source to filter content — to find the most relevant. Through the use of tags and stacks, Delicious serves that purpose.

Social networking. Delicious has some of the elements — however limited — found on a social network. For example, users can share links with friends and follow other people — similar to Twitter. Development is underway to allow for easy sharing via Facebook and Twitter.

Website traffic. Assuming you share links from your own site, Delicious can serve as a traffic generator to it. My experience, however, is that Delicious actually delivers minimal traffic.

1: Increased Traffic

The more visitors you have visiting your site, greater is the chances of them buying or using your products/services. That is what exactly SU helps you do. It helps you increase the footprint of your site to the entire world. In order to make this happen, you have to get your site in the SU system by listing it and encourage readers/visitors to start rating them. The more you get a thumbs up, the better it is as increased thumbs up means users like your site/posts/videos/photos etc. With your site being thumbed up by many users, it is likely to come across many users in the internet thus increasing traffic to your site.

2 : Promoting Brand Name

nefit 2: Promoting Brand Name

Brandis the name of the game in marketing. Your site becomes a brand when it stays in the minds of many visitors and start using it frequently. The recognition and recall are the two vital factors that are responsible in promoting a brand. With SU, you are more likely to generate the recognition and recall in the minds of visitors. Once your site is in the SU system, the chances of it coming across visitors increases and if you have good content that is liked by many visitors, they start ranking your site positively. This in turn, helps you increase your site visibility which subsequently helps in creating the brand name.

3: Boost PageRank

Benefit 3: Boost PageRank

You will always want your site to be either the top site or in the first page of a search results when a user sends the query over the search engine. In order to be in the first page of a search result page, you definitely would need to have a good PageRank. SU is one of the tools that help you boost the PageRank of your site. This is done through backlinks. When you have many visitors providing links to your site from their own site, it adds a point to increase the PageRank for your site. With increased PageRank, your site now becomes visible to the world when keywords that match your sites contents are passed onto search engine. This ultimately will again help you bring more traffic to your site which leads to greater exposure of your products/services to the mass.

4: Good Analytics Tool

One of the greatest features of SU is that it allows you to analyse and visualize the incoming traffic to your site. This information is crucial to any marketer as it helps in understanding the visitors surfing habit in the site. The research shows that SU has the lowest bounce rate, which tells how many users left the site immediately after landing on your site, of around 30%. This definitely is a great tip for a marketer to position his product or service in order to convert the visitors to loyal visitors and finally to loyal buyers. Hence, this little analytics helps marketer to convert Stumblers to regular visitors.

5: Driven by people for the people

Benefit 5: Driven by people f the people

SU is a recommendation engine that is virtually run by its massive user base, touted to be above 8 million till date. If a marketer is able to cash on this intelligent crowd, which has a potential to deliver a customer, his/herjobis done. SU is such a tool that helps take a site to the millions. It is just like word-of-mouth marketing campaign that is done on the web. A visitor stumbles upon your site and puts it in front of the mass. If your site is liked by the visitors, it starts getting thumbs up thus asking and tempting users to visit your site. Hence, you are now able to take help of the mass to promote your products/services.

6: Marketing at virtually ZERO cost

SU provides a feature whereby you can use it to advertise your site by an innovative and economical advertisement program called Premium Inclusion. Currently, SU charges at the rate of 5 cents per visitor. This amounts to $50 per 1000 impressions. At this meagre expense, your site is now shown directly to SU members. If SU members like your site, they start the viral marketing for your site thus bringing in thousands of visitors.

7: Converting Stumblers to regular visitor

Using SU, you can easily see how many users visit your site, for how long do they stay there in and whether they like your site or not. All these parameters help you in understanding the psychology of the visitors. Moreover, these figures help you change look and feel and content of your site to meet the requirements of the visitors. In other words, SU, through its mystic traffic algorithm, helps you analyse the stumblers and devise plan to convert them to regular visitors. As we know, increased visitors means greater exposure to your site hence increasing the chances of your products/services being used by the visitors.

8: Know your competitors

In today’s world, if there is any product or service out in the market, it’s in the internet as well. Hence, internet is the place where you can see and study your competition. Now with SU, analysing your competition is quicker and free. By simply looking at number of thumbs up or thumbs down and reviews, you can easily make out where your competitor is heading to. This helps you understand the visitors psychology on your competitors. Hence by studying the strengths and weaknesses of your competitor, you can change yourmarketingplanso as to bring in more visitors to your site.

9: Learn the negative side

As SU members can post reviews about a site, you have a great opportunity to see and learn what the actual readers or visitors are saying about your site. This learning through criticism really helps awebsiteownerto change the site as demanded by the crowd. As a marketer, you must always be ready to hear things that you may not like. These criticisms are more often than not coming from someone who likes your site. Hence, SU gives this unique opportunity for you to learn the shortcomings of your site at ZERO cost.

10: Increase revenue through affiliate Ads/BannersBanners

SU is a great tool to increase your revenue. As we know, the cost per 1000 impressions in SU is only 5 cents. At such an economical cost, you can bring in thousands of visitors to your site. Now with SU you can easily monetize your incoming visits. For that all you need to do is put ads and banners of third party inyourwebsiteand entice them to click on these ads and banners. What this means is you have a great opportunity to earn more than what you have spent for advertising your site. Hence by marketing some other sites, you are now earning money for your own website.

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