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App Store Optimization (ASO) - The Secret of Inbound App Marketing

Unlike the web, Mobile technologies have grown into a multi-billion dollar industry, creating a pre-defined platform for users to identify exactly what they are looking for. Implementing a smart App Store Optimization can improve app ranking and get better downloads. According to the recent survey, more than 60% of apps are discovered through search engines.
Do you know that app store search is a component of Inbound App Marketing, but different from web inbound marketing? As per the recent survey, online business-owners prefer using apps as a major component in their marketing campaign to increase online presence and brand awareness. And, the major difference lies in the search activity, depending upon which platform you choose.

What is ASO?

In case if you haven't figured out the acronym of ASO, it stands for "App Store Optimization"- a process to identify and target customer-base with relevant keywords. In other words, it's optimizing mobile apps to rank high in an app store’s search results, driving unique traffic to your app’s page. ASO focus on optimizing the app store in an ideal way so that people are compelled to download the app. Moreover, app store in categorized into three- App store for Android, App store for iTunes and Windows phone app.

Why Vidushi for ASO?

Vidushi Infotech continues to explode Mobile App Growth, providing a great opportunity with the understanding and willingness to prepare brand new applications for marketing and advertisement. As a leading digital marketing company, Vidushi aims to reach out to its potential audience with app store optimization services involving optimizing app names, keywords, description & updates; creating attractive visuals & contents; in-app promotional activities & advertisement and much more. Supported by a proficient ASO team, our organization creates a platform of convenient engagement with the target segment, gaining an edge over the competitive arena. Our expert professionals follow ethical practice to provide the best ASO services to optimize App search engines.

Factors to Maximize Online Visibility and Translate into More Traffic

  • Incorporate keyword-specific app title and description
  • Optimize app icons, logos and images
  • Create a marketing campaign for your app
  • Include Call-to-Action with social share buttons
  • Encourage users to follow iOS and Android updates
  • Add a YouTube video to promote your app
  • Leverage Google Plus to increase the number of visits

Statistics on App Store Optimization (ASO)

Over the last few years, app store industry has gained momentum on two major platforms- (Android and Apple iOS). According to the latest study, the percentage of total apps downloaded on different platforms include-


  • Android: 59%
  • Apple iOS: 37%
  • Microsoft Windows Phone: 3%
  • Others: 1%

New App Discovery Methodology

Browsing App Store 63% 58%
Communicating with friends and relative 50% 41%
Browsing App List in Google App Store
34% 25%
Social Networking Platform 19% 15%
Search via Internet
14% 16%
Seek for Ad in Newspaper/Magazine 7% 4%
Blogging 7% 6%

Hopefully, you would have got a better understanding about app store optimization to maximize online visibility with the latest statistics on board. To remain on the top with hundreds of brand new applications news and updates, explore our website
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