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Magento developer

Make the Right Choice by Hiring Dedicated Magento Developers

If you’re into business, it’s necessary to know what Magento is and how helpful it is for businesses to move ahead. According to business experts, Magento is considered for being the best e-commerce platforms available today. Before we start with how Magento can help your ecommerce business shine, let’s find out what Magento is all about.

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Google Algorithm Updates

A History about Google’s Most Important Local Search Updates

This blog is all about revisiting the world of local search updates, which took place over the years. The search engine giant has made bizarre changes over the years, annoying and restricting digital marketers in certain ways. Google’s continuous updating local search algorithm has hit local businesses and will continue to do so. What makes the matter difficult is the fact that Google doesn’t notify about the changes or the sudden updates. It’s completely up to the search engine marketers to find out the changes and how much it will affect the digital marketing strategies.


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Migrating website from Http to Https

Migrating Website from HTTP to HTTPS

In the modern-day scenario, we don’t just use the internet, but hypothetically live on it. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that we begin and end our day on the internet. When Internet is such a reliable and useful resource in all our lives, we assume it to be safe.

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Schema.org-An essential tool

Still Confused About Schema? Explore Here

Schema.org is mysterious. Well! That is what, it is always thought to be. To many, schema is a confusing source of information. As digital marketing experts, even we came across issues like missing examples, difficulties explaining the item properties search engines require and so on. However, once the intimidating schema.org. was got past, an incredibly empowering & useful tool came into existence. Once you learn the art of leveraging it, schema.org becomes an essential tool, and a must have in your SEO tool box.


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