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E-commerce websites have to contend with several others in order to survive the cut-throat competition that is prevalent in this field. Merely setting up a website with products, offers, discounts and deals will not help you in getting recognition online.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an invaluable tool that can help your E-commerce business in gaining new customers with the help of higher visibility on search engine result pages.

There are numerous SEO techniques that are used primarily for E-commerce websites. However, there is a specific method of implementing these techniques and methods for effective optimization which need to be followed in order to achieve high ranking on search engines.

Vidushi's E-commerce SEO package comes with a two stage solution to help you in achieving your target:

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Step 1 Consists of the following one time tasks:

On-Page Optimization

As a starting block, optimizing your website and its significant pages is as important as any other SEO technique as it facilitates promotion of your website by attracting search engine crawlers, thus increasing its chances of being found by search engines. Before implementing on-page optimization, we perform extensive analysis

As part of our On-Page Optimization for E-commerce websites, we carry tasks such as meta tag optimization, keyword optimization, image optimization, URL optimization, setup of Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools, robots.txt configuration, XML Sitemap submissions and several others.

Page Load Optimization

For an E-commerce website it is essential to have low page load times from a sales as well as SEO point of view. High page load times can often frustrate a buyer and refrain them from trying your website or recommending it to others.

When it comes to the factors that affect a website's search engine ranking, page load time play a significant role in it as it directly affects customer satisfaction. A good page speed score is essential if you seek to gain high visibility on search engine result pages.

Implementation of Schema

Rich snippets on search result pages are additional information about a particular search result than what is commonly available. These rich snippets are displayed for websites that have enabled schema implementation. Information such as product rating, reviews and price being mentioned on search results definitely helps increasing traffic to the website.

Other One Time Tasks

Besides the tasks mentioned above, we perform other one time tasks such as creating social media store profiles, setting up social media blogs, author profile creation on article and blog sites.

Step 2 of our E-commerce SEO package involves constant promotion with the help of SEO strategies that are exclusive to E-commerce websites.

Submission on E-commerce Directories

The process of submitting links to a web directory is a known SEO practice. These web directories are a database of categorized information. We ensure that our clients' E-commerce websites are only submitted at the most relevant E-commerce directories and niche directories such as DMOZ, as this results in receiving relevant back linking for your website.

Press Releases

Press releases are a great way of getting noticed by search engine bots and crawlers. Promotional offers, discounts and new product arrivals can be promoted through this medium and this not only helps in creating brand awareness by reaching your target audience but also helps in improving the visibility of your website on search engine results.


Blogs are generally meant as a platform to express an individual's views on various matters. However, as a search engine optimization tool, it can get you valuable and relevant back links which play a huge role in social media and search engine visibility. We will create profiles on several blogging platforms for your E-commerce website and with the help of regular quality posts, we will generate relevant back links for it.

Questions & Answers

Community-driven question and answers (Q&A) sites such as Yahoo! Answers, Answers, Answerbag, etc. can help in generating a lot of traffic. Answering questions that are relevant to your business and providing links help in directing traffic to your website and can also increase the chance of a sale. We will help in providing well informed and relevant answers to questions that are related to your E-commerce business on these Q&A websites.

Social Media Marketing

Regular posting and participation on social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest can play a huge part in creating brand awareness about your E-commerce business. With the help of these platforms, we will create and manage your social media profiles, engage user participation and also run various contests on these profiles.

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking sites help internet users in storing and saving bookmarks of interesting websites so that they can be used anywhere else. These bookmarks help in generating back links to your E-commerce website, thus increasing its visibility on organic search results and social media circles.

Coupon Promotion

Distribution of discount coupons is an important aspect of E-commerce marketing as it helps in generating a huge amount of public interest, thereby driving your website traffic and sales to higher numbers. We will register your business on some of the top coupon websites where online discount coupons for your products can be distributed. These coupons are highlighted by search engine bots, thereby generating a buzz for your business and competing against other players in the market.

Product Catalog Marketing

A well presented product catalog highlights the best products on your E-commerce store. As part of our E-commerce SEO package, we will create an attractive product catalog and distribute it on the best social document sharing websites which will result in your top products getting far-spreading visibility on the internet.

10-20 Keywords
20-40 Keywords
40-80 Keywords
Initial Setup
Number of Pages Optimized 8-20 15-40 40-80
On Page SEO analysis and optimization Yes Yes Yes
Page Speed optimization Yes Yes Yes
Schema Implementation Yes Yes Yes
One time profile setups Yes Yes Yes
One time author profile creation Yes Yes Yes
Content Optimization Yes Yes Yes
Image Optimization Yes Yes Yes
10 exclusive eCommerce website directory submissions Yes Yes Yes
Promotional Activities
Coupon Submissions 20 sites 30 sites 50 sites
Posting on Social Sites 2 Posts/Week 3 Posts/Week 5 Posts/Week
Submission on Document Sharing sites 2 Sites 3 Sites 5 Sites
Participation in Q&A sites 3/Week 5/Week 8/Week
Social Bookmarking 25/Month 40/Month 60/Month
Blog Post Promotions 1/Month 2/Month 4/Month
Article Submissions 2/Month 3/Month 5/Month
Press Release Promotion 1/Month 1/Month 2/Month
Promotion on Web2.0 sites 2 Sites 3 Sites 5 Sites
One Time Account Setup Cost $99 $149 $199
Monthly Cost $249/month $349/month $549/month
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