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Search Engine Penalties influence the Internet Marketing World. Just a few algorithmic alterations could shred-off your online business witnessing a steep drop in organic traffic. Google aims to provide its users access to accurate & authentic information with unique content; thereby improving its algorithm so that the best website could rank on different SERP (Search Engine Result Page) and get the exposure it deserve.

Over the past few years, Google has continuously updated its algorithm to improve the quality of its search result; eliminating poor quality content, excessive reciprocal links, keyword stuffing, buying links, hidden links, broken external links, and domain names with keywords. That's where the Google Penalty is imposed.

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An Overview on Google Update

Google Panda,The First Google's Search Results Ranking Algorithm released in February 2011 help to eliminate low-quality content, returning higher quality sites to the top of the search engine. This algorithmic update has been one of the most talkative among SEO professionals and webmaster, as it decreased the search engine rankings of sites that violated Google Webmaster Guidelines. Over a year, Google launched The Penguin Update in April 2012 with an aim to abolish Black-Hat SEO techniques involving the creation of low-quality links, buying links, swapping links, hidden links, broken external links and affiliate links all over the place. Such tactics or methodologies are commonly known as "Link Schemas". However, after a span of 5 months, Google launched EMD "Exact Match Domain" update, indicating low-quality exact-match domains in search results. EMD update evades the poor quality website from rising high in search results because it contains the search term in the domain name.

Google, on its 15th Birthday announced a new “Hummingbird” update, ensuring more better and accurate result through an improved semantic search. It provides the best answer to long-tail queries and interacts with users in a better way.

Why has Google Penalized My Site?

Now the question arises why has Google penalized your website? To get it in a right way, here are some pointers from Google defining the reason for a website penalty.

  • Duplicate Content: Ensure the content is unique, informative and high quality adhering Google guidelines to avoid a penalty.
  • Low-Quality Content: With low-quality or scraped content, you are bound to be penalized by Google. So, add high-quality and relevant content in your website
  • Link Purchasing: It can be an act of manipulating page rank by acquiring bad links. It’s one of the common Black Hat SEO techniques, which can be penalized by Google anytime, if caught
  • Keyword Stuffing: One of the common blunders committed by SEO professionals. Content with high keyword density is bound to be penalized
  • Broken Links: If your website page contains broken links, then it's a clear indication that you do not keep your links up-to-date, which can further lead to 404 error page
  • Domain Name with Keyword: For exact match domain, Google has introduced EMD update which will filter out the links that contain domain name, leading to a penalty.
  • Hidden Links: One of the most unethical SEO methodologies to manipulate page ranking.
  • Excess use of Meta keywords: Use of meta-keywords should be proper i.e. it should not look unnatural. Try to use 5-6 meta-keywords in content (500-600 words) approx.
  • Error Code: Error 401 (invalid credentials), Error 302 (temporarily moved), Error 404 (page not found) are some of the common errors, if continued for a longer period of time, can be penalized by Google.

Types of Google Penalty

Google penalty can be broadly categorized into two; Manual and Algorithmic. A manual penalty is imposed when Google manually reviews your website to find if any of its guidelines are violated whereas an algorithmic penalty is when Google release its new algorithm or refreshes its previous algorithm (Panda, Penguin, EMD, & Hummingbird) focusing on low quality content, irrelevant back-linking, hidden text, excess outbound link, and spun content.

In manual penalty, the Google search monitoring team checks for all the constraints (especially back-links) and send the link warning to the website owner. But, in algorithmic penalty, Google does not send any warning to the website owners and you will witness a steep drop in SERP positions.

    Why Google Panda Hit?
  • Duplicate Content
  • Poor quality Content
  • Keyword Stuffing
  • Scraped Content
  • Thin Content
  • Paid Ads

  • Why Google Penguin Hit?
  • Paid Links
  • Broken links
  • Forum linking
  • Irrelevant back-links
  • Link from irrelevant site
  • Links to suspicious sites
    How to Recognize a Penalty?

    A Google penalty is one of the worst case scenarios witnessed by any website owner.
    To recognize a penalty, check out for the following reasons mentioned below.

  • A steep decline in organic traffic/leads
  • Sudden drop in the page ranking
  • A decline in the keyword ranking
  • Unable to find your website in Google
  • Detection of manual or algorithmic penalty
  • Different Tools to identify a Google Penalty includes Google Webmaster tool, Google Analytics,
    Google Penalty Checker, Semrush and CognitiveSEO.

    How to Prevent Google Penalty?
  • Eliminate spam links and disavow them
  • Fix Error (404, 500, & 503)
  • Monitor anchor text and update back-link audit
  • Fix crawler issues and monitor outbound links
  • Keep on updating the content with the latest statistics
  • Fix internal and external broken links
  • Constant scrutinize your website

  • Our Google Penalty Recovery Service

    At Vidushi, our experts SEO professionals are well-versed with latest techniques offering
    penalty removal and cleanup services. Our SEO penalty service includes:

  • Reconsideration request to Google for unnatural link warning
  • Effective strategy to gain the lost traffic after recovery
  • Detailed link (inorganic/un-natural) evaluation
  • Anchor text identification & analysis
  • Proposal to eliminate the penalty free of cost
  • Identifying links that need to be pruned
  • On-page Google guidelines violations testing
  • Content quality evaluation (Grammar, Spell-Check & Sentence Construction)
  • Do content audit following Google Guidelines
  • Check for duplicate content through plagiarism check (Copyscape)
  • Panda & Penguin penalty check
  • In a nutshell, having a webpage is not enough; rather it should rank high in different search engine,
    adhering Google guidelines. For 100% guaranteed and success rate in recovering your
    website from Google penalty, Contact Us Now!

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