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I have been working with VIDUSHI since 2014 when I started my WSI Franchise business in Greece. Although Vidushi is a well established and certified provider of internet marketing solutions for members of the WSI community, the key differentiator to us in Greece is the ability to adapt for the needs of the local language by working closely with our needs, as well as the level of reactivity exemplified during various crisis situations (website malware, down time etc.). With this in mind I am very happy to collaborate with the team at Vidushi and would not hesitate to recommend their services to any one interested.
- S Koutsoulianos
Dear Ajit and team: On behalf of MD Group, I want to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for your efforts over the last year. Thanks to you and the team, we have numerous new capabilities at MD Group that are helping us to collect data more cost-effectively and do a better job of displaying our data to our clients. You and your team developed and deployed our new version 3.0 website, which made a huge improvement in the user experience. This included rolling out new tools, such as our TSR, equity dilution, burn rate, and Black-Scholes interactive calculators. You implemented a more user-friendly toolbar functionality on the website, which helps our users every day. In addition to the new version of the website, you have continued CLIC development, with a major development effort into improving our Board Pay capabilities. This has involved a complete rewrite of the entire Board Pay module to enable us to input much more data and track the compensation and awards for individual directors at each company where they serve as board members. In addition to the new Board Pay module, you expanded and improved the input mechanism for plan-based awards metrics and have made numerous improvements for efficiency and speed. You and your team have worked well with the data entry team in New Delhi, which has improved our data-entry turnaround. Finally, you and your team have shown successful proof of concept for retrieving proxy filings and financial filings directly f
- E - MD Group
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and your team. We IC's tend to get irate when things don't go our way and forget all of the good things. Recently we have had some tough spots on certain projects (Alliance Francais, KANE, and TJCS), but Sunil and the team have taken every step to ensure that the final outcome is 100% favorable. Thanks for that!
- M Bruce
This client was quite difficult to work with as he is a perfectionist and I think Vidushi did a great job in delivering what was required. The original concept draft which was developed by Vidushi was replaced by one which my client got developed by a 3rd party, but the communication from Girish and Juhi throughout the project were top class as usual. I really appreciate the updates I receive in advance of deliverables as this allows me to communicate planned dates to my clients. Also, adjustments at both concept draft and development draft stages are done quickly and effectively. Thanks to the Vidushi team for your ongoing professionalism
- G McCarthy
Please note particular thanks for very successful integration of third party software into the site. First time I've requested something like this and very impressed and grateful how easy you made it for me/the client. www.taskcomms.co.uk
- J Barrett
Sunil [Project Mnager of Business edge team ] is a very accessible and attentive to the client's needs. He is patient and takes the time to explain things. He has done everything and more with this project. I appreciate his attention to customer service.
- C Applelton
We have been in operation for 22 months now and have used Vidushi for numerous website development projects and social development. We have always had exceptional service from the team at Vidushi, they have been kind to new IC's, and very patient at the same time. We have always had a good results with them and our clients have been impressed by their first designs adn very impressed by their final product. We are now utilising them for seo projects in the future as well and mobile development. Well done as always to the team at Vidushi for always looking after us and helping us excel to our clients. Very gratefull indeed.
- N Gard
I rely totally on Vidushi for all aspect s of my Business. I have a dedicated person that follow and improve all my projects... I can count on them anytime. Great services at a raisonnable price. I a big fan of efusion also, I really appreciate their knowledge of this solution. They really, really, simplify the internet...
- D Depaz
A trusted partner who have given me 7 years of attentive and caring service at competitive prices.
- P Connolly
My working relationship with Vidushi Infotech from an SEO perspective has been very good. I have had several SEO projects developed by Vidushi. They employ a full SEO offering meaning when someone contracts with Vidushi for SEO services, they can be assured of receiving not only exhaustive keyword research and meta tag optimization but directory and article submissions as well as social bookmarking for increased web presence. I not only employ Vidushi to conduct SEO on my client’s websites but I trust them enough to subscribe to their SEO services for my own website and my web visits and visibility have increased immensely since they began with SEO services for me (started in March of this year). Specifically, I have one client who is a heating contractor who Vidushi began SEO services with in April of this year and in a matter of a couple of months, their keyword ranking skyrocketed for most search phrases targeted – very impressive results. The reporting they conduct not only includes SEO reporting but Analytics reporting as well. I will continue to use Vidushi for my SEO and the SEO of my clients. They provide excellent results matched with superior customer service.
- C Appleton
It's a great pleasure to recommend Vidushi. In my six very happy years of collaboration with them, they have consistently performed excellently which gives me supreme confidence in selling to my clients as I know that there will never be any problems with delivery. They have been, still are and I'm sure will continue to be a delight to work with.
- J Barrett
Fantastic project my project coordinator was a joy to work with and delivered exactly what was required.
- M Durham
We are once again proud of the accomplishment of Vidushi in handling our projects most especially the NPA Project. We are astounded by the level of professionalism displayed and Technology Know How at work. Please keep it up.
- S Ajulo
Thanks for all the hard work and effort. I am grateful to you and your team for another successful project. Your time and dedication to this and all our projects are much appreciated. On behalf of all Web Consulting Group in Puerto Rico: Shukriya!
I would like to thank you for your effort. The client and customers love the site. I hope it will get me more work.
- O Peters
I want your boss to know you've done a GREAT JOB AND CREATED A BEAUTIFUL "LOOK AND FEEL" FOR MY CLIENT!
- D C. Corso
Girsih did an outstanding job as Project Coordinator. His replies to my questions were clear, complete and prompt. Thank you.
- Cheryl Lynn Ainoa Tim Ainoa
When working together in a long distance between two persons normally does not work out too well, however, it was not the case since I start working with Rahul. I say he is exceptional because he is not only knowledgeable from technical point of view; he is exceptionally efficient & very considerate for his client - me. I'm not sure how many projects I have worked with Vidushi since 2008 and I don't know how many PM I have had worked together. Needless to say, they were all wonderful but Rahul is definitely special! Without a doubt I can ask Rahul technical questions and he would answer them in timely manner. He makes me look good in my clients' eyes. What makes him stands out in my eyes and treasure our working relation more than ever is what he practices with my projects, regardless the size of them. Efficient, consideration & good communicator is my experience working with Rahul. My experience of countless nights staying up until three, four o'clock in the morning waiting to talk to my PM because I have important questions or issues to discuss during project phases. Working with Rahul is a total different experience. We talked at the beginning of his working days to review what needs to be done, about the concerns and expectation of the projects. Because he practices good communication by meeting me online to review the project needs at the beginning of his days, he is able to determine his priorities, produce accurate outcomes & cut down unnecessary waste of t
- L Ruo
From the very beginning I started to develop my projects with Vidushi. My experience with them has been great. Not only for their great knowledge about developing and implementation process, but becasue pricing and support. Definately I recomend this team of professionals.
- C Schleske
Excellent service and always willing to help
- H Hernan
I always have good experience with your team that I worked with. Ravish, he is very knowledgeable. He answers all my questions in regard to my prospects need of their websites & Internet Marketing. He gives me confidence to present my proposal to my prospects. Sunil, He is the person I can totally count on during website development. He has patient and know how that makes my job a lot easier. I have total confidence working with him. Yuvraj, Accounting- There were times I need his help, needless to say, Yuvraj is another team member that is so helpful & patient with me. Thank you for your wonderful team. I enjoy working with you!
- R Ling
Our experience regarding the Vidushi InfoTech’s services is good. We worked since 18 months with this company, SEO and hosting. Better than a lot of details, some results. Check it on google, our website: a-fire.com Our main K words: ethanol burner, ethanol fireplace and ventless fireplace We have the same in 5 other languages: French: bruleur ethanol Spanish: quemadores etanol Italian bruciatori bioetanolo Etc. Our company is based on results… The most important for us… I tried a lot of other SEO companies and I choose Vidushi for results.
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and your team. We IC's tend to get irate when things don't go our way and forget all of the good things. Recently we have had some tough spots on certain projects (Alliance Francais, KANE, and TJCS), but Sunil and the team have taken every step to ensure that the final outcome is 100% favorable. Thanks for that!
- M Bruce
Impressed with your new CMS system, very easy to operate & very flexible
- J James
As always it's been great working with Sumi and her team... and the project is a real success...
- V Voichita
By way of this note I want to relay our congratulations both from a client side and myself for an excellent and highly professional execution of the new website development for Funeral Services (www.teletes-tranos.com) The client is very happy with the result and I receive positive reviews from the market as well. At this point, it is also of extreme importance to recognize the high quality organization, development and management skills exemplified by Ms. PREETI ARORA who was instrumental in achieving this result. I look forward to continue working with Preeti on the 2 ongoing projects (Medical Air & Financial Services) with the same great success!
- S Koutsoulianos
Very, very pleased with the help given on my very first web site. Thank you
- D Summerland
Hi, Suresh I just wanted to put in writing what a fantastic job Preeti and her team have done for me for the above project. The client needed to have the website ready for launch for last Saturday and it was ready to go live on Tuesday of last week. The client then decided to delay for one week which allowed us to make a couple more minor alterations and it’s ready today and I’ll be sending the instructions for launch later this afternoon. This is the first time that I’ve asked for a “Fast Track” development and the response has been absolutely terrific with, typically, a 24 hour turnaround. Absolutely brilliant and I really wanted to go on record to thank everyone for their hard work and commitment. Let’s hope that I get a lot more clients like this one for this year and we’ll beat the recession and have a great year. Very best regards Jon
- J Barrett
This was a very creative site which Vidushi overcame some technical issues right at the start. Great result from a great PC. More of the same please!
- R Stevens
Thank you for your help with this one. I think it looks a hundred times better than the other BNI sites
- J Barrett
No 4 top mark so Superwoman strikes again with 210% performance We really like the way you handle our work and reply so fast its a real pleasure working with you and your team
- R Stevens
"I have been using Vidushi for almost a year and they have helped me grow my business with their great customer service and flexibility. They usually make project changes within 24 hours and are so patient with me when I get things wrong. When I have asked the impossible, they have delivered – we specified one Business Edge solution on a Monday and launched it on a Friday – I now have one really impressed client who is already referring clients. If you take the trouble to get to know them they go the extra mile for you – Thank you to all at Vidushi."
- G Diffey
Very happy with both individuals. The project took exceptionally long because of the client and had many adjustments but they were carried out efficiently and without problems. I welcome the opportunity of working with Sunil and Ravish again.
- G Buchanan
Girish was very helpful and patient with me as this was my first project for our new WSI franchise. Great working with Vidushi.
- S Benner
We're very happy with this project. Ravish estimates are excellent with a very fast turnaround. Thank you.
- L O'Mara
A wonderful, trouble-free site, nice graphics, nice clean appearance. Few issues to fix, and those problems were fixed quickly and fixes did not introduce new issues
- C Reid
A very well produced site, looks good and general production, feedback, response time was good
- M Redford
Yes I know top mark was 4 but Poonam far exceeded our expectations and her work warranted higher than your top top mark, hence 6 and 7. She is by far and away the best project manager I have worked with in twenty years so she deserves a better mark. Hope that clarifies it for you.
- R Stevens
Vidushi Infotech is amazing, excelent customer service, thank you guys on La Castilla Colonial project, great job. -
- J Reyes Malla
I would like to take this opportunity to formally thank you for the outstanding service and assistance you have provide us, as well as for taking the time to meet with our project director. I have no doubt that the meeting was a satisfying and professional experience.
- L Rentería
I found Vidushi Infotech to be highly responsive and service-oriented. I was served by a full team, in which the Project Manager was supported by an overall Manager, to make for a seamless go-live. Overall, I found the customer value delivery to be superior when looked at from a time-money-output perspective. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Vidushi to the rest of the WSI network who may not have experienced their service.
- S de Luca
Excellent service. no concern!
- J Perez
I would like to thank you for your follow up and your great support. The important thing to me is to get to know the person on the other side and build a strong open communication and understanding. You have built that road and I will be looking to start up more projects soon with you. Thank you again.
- E A. M. Ashram
Good job well handled by the team at Vidushi especially when client delayed progress several times and the job dragged on and on. Now if the client keeps the content fresh and meaningful (do they ever?) we will have a winner!!!
- B Muir
What can we say! Another fantastic project by a great team headed by Poonam. Our client is over the moon with the site and has already been awarded a gold award by Visit Britain for his business when special mention was made about the website. Well done Vidushi
- R Stevens
"We have had a number of successful sites built by Vidushi and they were our first choice for a production centre for a brand new web-site for this prestigious customer. Although the customer is selling "bricks and mortar" as a property developer, they were looking to promote a "lifestyle" to the potential purchasers of their properties. Vidushi's understanding and help with this project were critical in achieving exactly what the customer wanted and their professionalism made this project a pleasure to work on and to launch a fantastic looking site with which the customer is delighted."
- J Barrett
Excelent work, I am very happy working with Vidushi. And hope to keep on working on many projects…
- C Guerra
The Site was built by Vidushi, skumar@vidushiinfotech.com most of my sites are ... as I find them the best PC Here is another nice one by Vidushi www.royalmarine.ie
- M Sheridan
We had some problems working with Vidushi in the past regarding communication. This improved tremendously in the last few months. I love the way new project managers respond on my e-mails and deliver good work. Keep up like this and we will do more projects with Vidushi. Regards Martin Bajc Spletni donos d.o.o. WSI SLOVENIA
- M Bajc
I must confess that you guys surpassed our expectation on this Job. We are very impressed and satisfy with the level of work so far. Kudos to the technical team.
- S Ajulo
Event Horizon was an example of a project where Vidushi understood my requirements very clearly, were able to implement the design and deliver the initial concept draft on time with no alterations required. My client loved it .. and I loved it
- G McCarthy
We will like to express our gratitude and extend our appreciation to the entire team of Vidushi in the role they played in the design, development and released of the Afribank Project. The high level of professionalism displayed is commendable, the patience exhibited and understanding deployed during the execution was First Class in services. We will like to commend Ravish who was the stability factor, Sunil for his patience and intelligence grasp of issues at stake and Especially Vijay who displayed a high professional conduct, remained focus when we were losing patience, understood and provided cutting edge services to us and turned out a project of high value and a First Class Website that is wining accolades for us here in Nigeria when under immense pressure from us, this singular act as convince us that Vidushi is the best Production Center in the WSI Community. We are extremely proud to be associated with you.
- R Olukoya
Thanks to the efforts of the team, the STP tools site has been a major success as indicated by the client’s mail below. I would like to thank you all for the long hours put in to get this site completed professionally and on time. He sacrificed much of his personal time to work late and odd hours. It is much appreciated. We could not have done it without technical expertise. He was always available to tackle the tough problems and provide guidance whenever the going got tough. He can always be counted upon. And the team would not have been complete without commitment to the project, supervision and guidance. Thanks to all and now moving to the next major project.
- V Seth
To be honest, I'm impressed you delivered exactly what I want. Good Job Vidushi!
- M M
Thanks for sending me the draft on schedule as promised. I must say, I’m very impressed with the design ....
- G McCarthy
Can you please pass this message on to your team? Please let them know that they are doing a great job. The designs that we have been getting are great. The turnaround time on support and technical changes has been outstanding. You should be very proud of what your team has accomplished. They have done an excellent job and we look forward to continue working with you in the future.
- R Garden
This is what WSI IC's had to say about our services recently - I would like to bring to your notice the excellent job the team has done for project www.aauhockey.org . This project was on a deadline and not only did they finish it on time but went out of their way to help me set up the modules and configure the site to a good working order. I have had very positive feedback and compliments from the AAU staff and credit goes to the team that helped me on this project. I thank you all for your efforts
- S Rana
Vijaya was very helpful throughout this project ensuring the customers requirements were met
- J Warren
I'm working on some estimates, and I'm very happy with the work of Amit an Sunil! thanks for everything
- C Guerra
Excellent work, I am very happy working with Vidushi. And hope to keep on working on many projects...
- C Guerra
What can i tell you. Since I try and discover Vidushi Infotech, There´s no other production centers for me. Be sure that all my future projects i´ll developed with you
- H Berriel
Yet again, excellent service from VIT. My business is only growing again because of the back up that you deliver. Thank you
- J Barrett
Overall this project went very smoothly and we are very satisfied with the service / support given to us by the whole team at Vidushi InfoTech.
- C Griffin
Please pass my thanks to Venu for another brilliantly run project. Venu has made my job a lot easier by helping me at every point of the project. What A GREAT PROJECT MANAGER Venu is.
- G Diffey
It's always a pleasure doing business with Vidushi - they are easy to deal with, there are no politics, hidden agendas or cover ups. They are knowledgeable, supportive and very caring. They have innovative new products and keep you informed of both new product development and your project status. Every project occasionally has difficulties and I need a partner who will work through these and resolve them in the most expedient and cost effective manner - Vidushi is my partner of choice for this. I look forward to continuing my long association with them.
- P Connolly
I have had some tremendous support and commitment from Sunil and Prithvi from the Business Edge Team, which I feel you need to know about. I have launched website called www.duvalsecurity.co.uk, which is not on normal WSI hosting servers because the client insisted. I tried to advise against this but the client would not change his mind. As you know, we normally launch a website in less then 24 hours and get rid of problems quickly. This site has taken a long time to complete and has required both Sunil and Prithvi to provide me with a lot of support. Sunil and Prithvi have worked extremely hard and have been very cheerful during some difficult times. I have been so impressed by their customer service, great sense of humour and outstanding professionalism. Without their help and support, I do not think we would have been able to have launched this site. They are a great asset to Vidushi and splendid ambassadors for your company; please accept my sincere thanks for their brilliant support.
- G Diffey
I, personally, liked veru much your 1st concept draft! And one day earlier! I have already sent it to Interarrod, to get their opinion. As soon as they tell us something, we will let you know. Thank you very much; congratulations to your designers (even if Interarrod wants changes, this design is, in our opinion, very good, indeed).
- A Morais Castro
Good support throughout the project cycle and Girish is very good project coordinator.
- B Butter
Nice design, so please say “well done” to the designers
- J Barrett
Again, Santosh and Neels have been superb. The first version of this website was ordered on a Monday and fully launched on a Firday. I could not have ahchieved this without their great support.
- G Diffy
I want to say a big THANK YOU to the Vidushi team. We went thru many changes in scope after the initial estimate, but everything was handled honourably, with dignity and technical competence. Vidushi has a great team!
- M B
This is my first project with Vidushi and I have been very impressed with your service and quality. In particular, I would like to thank Venu for being so responsive, helpful, and professional. I would like to work with Venu on all my projects please.
- G Diffey
This project was very important to me. The client needed the site live by 2nd of February and they only let me know this two weeks before. I discussed this with Ravish and he assured me that the site would be live by the 2nd of February. I am very happy to say that Ravish delivered on his promise and the site was live on 1st of February. The service could not have possibly been better.
- C Coney
Work in this project with the vidushi team was a excellent experience for us and also for our client, that’s for sure, I only hope that vidushi keeps the same high quality standards and the best service and attention to the customer
- F Rodriguez
Thank you very much for Mr. Vimal on helping us from the starting and until now. We are really high appreciated his input and effort
- P Quynh Nga
Wow, this product (BLAZE) is GREAT, the more I use it, the more I like it. It is very friendly and editable, and also very fast.
- C Guerra (WSI)
Sumi was the project manager for this project and he was superb! Please express our appreciation to him. In fact this client is so pleased that he has requested a second website for which we are in the process of completing a quote
- E Vernita Lopez
We were super impressed by the professionalism and high quality work we received form Sunil and the Vidushi team on this project. There were a lot of special requirements and things that had to be worked out and He spent a lot of time on the phone and E-mail with us so we could clarify any misunderstandings. Amazingly the site was launched one month after submitting the FD and the client couldn’t be happier. We can’t say enough about the quality, speed, professionalism, and friendliness we got from Vidushi, we really feel like they are part of our team. If we were closer we would take Sunil out to a thank you dinner
- H Beane
Vijaya was great – kept me up to date consistently and kept me pushing the client for completion.
- D Landry
You guys are the best! I have nothing bad to say. Your graphics are always better than I could have imagined, your people are friendly and always willing to work out any problem. When I submit changes before I go to bed, I wake up and everything is done. I love working with Vidushi and especially Vijaya - Thanks!
- H Beane
I was very impressed with the level of service I received from Sunil. He is a credit to Vidushi.
- M Tyler
A very well-run project and Sunil readily understood update requirements and implemented them in a very timely manner
- G McCarthy
- J Monroy
Once again, the understanding and response from Sunil was outstanding
- B Bhogal
I always have a good experience with Vidushi. I will have a VIA Lite coming up within the next two weeks
- C A Weaver
The response that I had to solve all the difficulty on this complicated site has been outstanding from Girish part
- I Flegman
Great job. The client is very pleased and is recommending us to their clients, so I expect many good returns
- D N. Fowler
Excellent service as always. It’s a real pleasure dealing with Vidushi
- J Barrett
We had a lot of amendments and changes of URL and client name. Sumi was very patient and then responded quickly as new information arose. A pleasure to work with
- E Andrews